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Beyblade Metal Masters

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Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Beyblade Metal Masters. likes. Ihr könnt immer was posten von beyblade. Gingka Hagane und seinen Freunde treten mit ihren Beyblades gegen die finsteren `Dark Nebula' an. 4er Top Set Kreisel für Beyblade Metal Fusion 4D Master Burst Arena Auswahl. EUR 14, Kostenloser Versand. 46 verkauft.

Beyblade Metal Masters Beyblade: Metal Masters Online Free Video

Beyblade Metal Fusion Episode 1 In Hindi (हिंदी) Dubbed HD (Metal Saga Season 01)

After defeating Ryuga and his dark Bey L-Drago, Gingka is crowned the winner of the Battle Bladers Championship. When news gets out, other bladers from around the world want their chance at. Beyblade: Metal Masters, known in Japan as Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion (メタルファイト ベイブレード 爆, Metaru Faito Beiburēdo Bakuhatsu), is the sequel to the anime television series Beyblade: Metal Fusion. Like its predecessor, Beyblade: Metal Masters is based on Takafumi Adachi's manga series Beyblade: Metal Fusion, which itself is based on the Beyblade spinning top game from Takara Tomy. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Beyblade: Metal Masters is the second season of The Metal Saga and the the fifth season of the Beyblade anime. It premiered in the United States on Saturday, August 20, at AM on Cartoon Network with three back-to-back episodes. It first premiered in France on June 21, and in the UK on January 9, Beyblade Metal Masters Solid Iron Showdown Thermal Lacerta Thunder Leone 2-pk. $ New. $ Used. Hasbro Beyblade Metal Masters Bb Cyclone Herculeo * f Top.

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Welcome back! Email address. Remember me. Forgot password? Don't have an account? Beyblade Metal Masters is a sequel to Beyblade Metal Fusion.

Gingka and his friends meet a new Blader named Masamune Kadoya. Masamune is a new Blader who joins Gingka's group and will stop at nothing to defeat him.

The WBBA sponsors a new Beyblade tournament called "Big Bang Bladers". A world tournament where four representatives of a country around the world gather and Beyblade to become the world champions.

When Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa and Yu are chosen as the representatives of Japan, they won't hold anything back to win Big Bang Bladers!

The rock on top of it disintegrates in the explosion and Galaxy Pegasus has enough time to nonchalantly hit Ray Striker backwards at full force, knocking it way out of the stadium.

Masamune runs after it. After searching a lot, he finds it in a river, stuck to a surfacing rock, so he plunges into the water to get it.

He is happy to have got his Beyblade back and he is still ready to fight Gingka again, but he soon notices that standing in the water has made his back cold.

At the other location, Gingka grabs his new Beyblade in his hand, and he observes it silently while the others cheer for him. After a moment, he faces them and expresses his irritation at not being able to control Galaxy Pegasus at all.

He won, however he felt no passion in his play, and therefore he is very upset by his performance and he knows he has to practice more with Pegasus all over again.

At the train station, Hokuto and Hyoma stay behind, but they encourage Gingka by giving him wise words, also inviting him to come back whenever he wants.

Unknown to them, Masamune is also in the train with them, eating some weird spicy orange sticks. At the basement of the B-Pit, Madoka analyses Galaxy Pegasus with her machine and they discover that it is a strong combination of Attack-type parts.

In the middle of their discussion, a voice calls for them from upstairs, searching for Gingka. As they reach the first floor, they see Masamune standing at the door of the hobby shop.

Masamune challenges him and Gingka accepts his challenge, and a huge explosion beats Masamune's Ray Striker. Still unhappy about his control of Galaxy Pegasus, Gingka gets some help from Kenta with another beybattle.

Masamune keeps coming back after running after his Bey several times, but unexpected explosions happen every time.

Eventually, they battle on the riverside, and the fight is slightly longer than usual. Gingka believes for an instant that he has mastered Galaxy Pegasus, however the latter suddenly decides to send Ray Striker straight into the hill, where an explosion is triggered again and Ray Striker stops spinning.

Gingka slowly and sadly walks to take his Beyblade and Masamune runs past him to get his. He promises Gingka that he will come back stronger, and he flees.

Kenta decides to run after him. He eventually thinks that he has lost him when he reaches the old warehouses that the Face Hunters used to inhabit, but he hears noise at one door.

Entering, he discovers that Masamune is practicing with Ray Striker by having it swiftly dodge big chunks of wood that swing left and right.

Just as Ray Striker moves too slowly and gets knocked away by one of them, Kenta makes his presence known, scaring Masamune. Ray Striker hits the far wall and stops spinning.

Masamune aggressively asks Kenta what he is doing there, and Kenta refuses to leave. After some arguing, they decide to establish peace and help each other.

Masamune offers some of his orange stick food to Kenta, the latter who did not expect it to be so spicy in his mouth starts feeling the spice.

While Masamune takes one in his mouth casually, Kenta struggles to speak to him now that his tongue and lips are burnt. Eventually, they both go to meet Gingka at a construction site, where a hole in the ground still represents a stadium for them.

A pile of small rocks lies on one side of it. The battle begins excitedly, and Galaxy Pegasus already starts moving around in a circle.

Masamune knows how to counter the attacks though: he either makes his blade quickly turn away from the hits, or Ray Striker simply teleports.

It is even able to change directions completely in a mere second. Ray Striker succeeds in striking Galaxy Pegasus and forcing it back into the pile of rock, which falls on Gingka's beyblade, burying it.

Masamune catches his Beyblade back, knowing he has finally won against his rival. Gingka grimly walks to take his Pegasus too and after concentrating a lot, he comes to find the real strength of Galaxy Pegasus and succeeds in forming a bond with it.

Satisfied with this, Gingka wants to test his new performance and they all see how extremely powerful Gingka now is.

Gingka asks Masamune if he wants to battle again now that he controls his Pegasus, but Masamune, not blind at all to the power he just witnessed, firmly refuses, figuring out that he has already won once against Gingka and that this is enough for him, that Gingka will never be able to beat him again.

Both begin another argument, of course. Standing on a construction vehicle not far away, a new Chinese Blader calls out for them. July 27, AUS [ citation needed ] August 20, USA.

Masamune and Gingka do several childish challenges to see who is better: for instance, who can stand on his hands the longest, who can hold his breath the longest, etc.

Benkei, Kenta, and Madoka are completely flabbergasted about their attitudes. Gingka and Masamune continuously argue.

Suddenly, they hear a 'gong' sound being done repeatedly. They turn around and see a Chinese girl at the door of the B-Pit.

As she enters, she greets everybody, and Gingka introduces himself. The girl immediately looks up and starts asking Masamune and Benkei if they are Gingka, until the latter reminds her of his identity.

She gravely tells them about an invitation the Chinese team has for them; they have to meet up in Chinatown.

Once she has left, they meet Benkei and they all salivate at the thought that there is going to be a lot of delicious Chinese food there, so they hurry to Chinatown.

After much trouble understanding the location in the invitation, they finally arrive to a temple. The doors are locked, so they impatiently wait.

Without warning, the doors suddenly open. Two Beybladers, including Mei Mei, the Chinese girl who had invited them to Chinatown, come out of the main one, and Gingka and his friends are surprised to see such a small boy at Mei Mei's side who apparently holds some authority over her.

They learn that they were invited to a battle against the both of them and while Gingka was particularly targeted, he has to fight with Masamune on his side, which of course begins a new argument between them.

Benkei also complains because he really wanted Chinese food, and Chi-yun Li, the short Blader, grants his wishes by presenting two chefs just waiting for him.

Benkei hurriedly runs to them while the match begins. The two new Bladers are used to Blading as a tag team, unlike Masamune and Gingka, therefore they easily avoid Galaxy Pegasus and Ray Striker's hits.

Instead, they make the two Beys clash at each other, which creates even more frustration between Masamune and Gingka.

Chi-yun invokes powerful attacks that push the beyblades away with his free-rotation Spin Track. Eventually, after many arguments and failures, Gingka and Masamune succeed in trapping Thermal Lacerta, Chi-yun's Beyblade.

This ends the match since the Chinese team basically lost, and Gingka and Masamune get into another fight, criticising each other's performance on the battle.

The two Chinese tell them that they will see each other again. Meanwhile, Ryo and Hikaru realize how many people around the world are beyblading, and Ryo gets an interesting idea: the WBBA will organise a tournament reuniting Beybladers from every region of the world.

July 28, AUS [ citation needed ] August 27, USA. The World Beyblade Championships, a competition hosted by the WBBA is beginning. The Japanese qualifier for the tournament starts and the majority of the rounds are over very quickly with Masamune, Tsubasa, Yu, and Kyoya all making it to the semi-finals.

Yu desperately tries to face Masamune but Kenta battles him instead and loses. Yu then proceeds to face Masamune but time is up before they can even start.

Because Gingka won Battle Bladers he is automatically selected as Japan's first representative. Gingka doesn't know this until Kenta tells him.

He goes to his father and pleads with him to let him battle. Gingka then launches Galaxy Pegasus and it goes around a chair leg and Gingka says that battling alone isn't fun.

In the first semi-final match, Yu faces off with Masamune. Their Beys clash in battle as Yu gains the upper hand with his Flame Libra against Masamune's Ray Striker.

Despite this, Masamune fights back and eventually defeats Yu, making Masamune one of Japan's representatives to the World Beyblade Championships.

Despite the loss, Yu still has a chance to become a sub for the team. At the end of the battle, Masamune states he won the battle because he is the number 1 blader in the world.

Leone VS Eagle" Transcription: " Kessen! July 29, AUS [ citation needed ] September 3, USA. Yu has lost to Masamune and the next battle will begin, which is Kyoya Vs Tsubasa.

Before the event, they have gone through serious training to beat each other. The time finally comes for the match. Kyoya and Tsubasa ready their beys and then the battle begins!

Kyoya is determined to win and attacks Tsubasa's bey. Just as Tsubasa seems about to lose, the dark power from his previous battle with Ryuga overwhelms him.

A while later, Tsubasa's dark side takes total control and then Eagle tries to push Leone into the stadium floor!

But then Kyoya stopped Tsubasa and won. Tsubasa's pet eagle was what let Tsubasa control his dark side again. Gingka went over to congratulate Kyoya, but he said that beating Gingka was his one and only goal and then leaves, leaving Tsubasa a spot in the World Championships team.

August 1, AUS [ citation needed ] September 10, USA [5]. After Kyoya refused the offer to join the Japanese team, Gingka is left wondering why.

Meanwhile Hikaru and Ryo consider who will replace Kyoya, Ryo considers Tsubasa and Yu. Yu, Kenta and Masamune are eating in a cafe in a shopping centre.

Yu complains loudly to anyone who will listen about how even if he wins against Tsubasa, he'll only be the sub member of the team.

Madoka then rushes up to them and announces if Yu wins his match he will become the last regular member. Yu is overjoyed by the news and warns Masamune not to interfere in this match with Tsubasa, Masamune becoming very confused at this.

Elsewhere, Tsubasa is sitting by a fire, thinking over his match with Kyoya. His eagle friend cries out, making ripples appear over the surface of the water in the mug he is holding.

Tsubasa ponders over this. The next day, Tsubasa and Yu face each other in battle, Yu complaining he'd had enough of Masamune talking like he was above him.

Tsubasa uses tactics to stop Yu from firing Libra's special move, and pulls it off. As Tsubasa already knows how to break through this special move, victory looks to be his.

At the last moment, Yu changes the frequency of the move, making it shine different colours, and stops Tsubasa's attack. Instead of fighting back, Tsubasa gives up resistance, allowing him to counter the special move and win the match.

Gingka though is still disappointed by Kyoya, until that night Kenta and Benkei confront him about it, resulting in a battle that Madoka spectates.

At the airport, the team are all excited for the tournament except Yu, who is still complaining about only being the sub. Benkei tries to encourage Yu to look on the bright side of this, just as Madoka turns up to be their support member as she now works for the WBBA.

Ryo announces the team's name is Gan Gan Galaxy and will be flying out to China. Gingka comments the name suits them perfectly, whilst Masamune complains it only suits Gingka perfectly.

The five board the plane, whilst all their friends wave them off with their beys. August 2, AUS [ citation needed ] September 17, USA [5].

Gan Gan Galaxy arrives in China and wonders what they should do until their battle. They hear a bey battle and go watch.

Gingka asks her can she take them to where Wang Hu Zhong, the Chinese team trains and she readily agrees. She tells them not to get discouraged by what they see.

When they all arrive at Beylin Temple they see the rigorous training the bladers are doing. Chi-yun tells them that Beylin Temple has been around for years.

Mei Mei takes them to meet Wang Hu Zhong's leader Dashan Wang. Gingka and Masamune try some of training that Da Shan and the bladers did and do well on their first try.

Dashan also battles Gingka to match but Masamune interfere when Gingka was going to use his special move. When Gan Gan Galaxy left Beylin Temple Masamune figured outed that Dashan tried to see Galaxy Pegasus special move but now they know Rock Zurafa's power.

August 3, AUS [ citation needed ] September 24, USA [5]. Madoka receives an e-mail from the WBBA that is about the tournament and the team tries to decide in what order they go but has problems in doing so.

So Madoka goes to Beylin Temple to try to find out the third member of Wang Hu Zhong but gets caught by Mei Mei and finds out that Gingka is there as well.

He asks Chi-yun about the third blader accept he doesn't go to Beylin Temple. Masamune Battles at a bey park and is winning until his Striker knockouted the stadium by Chao Xin's Virgo and demands a battles, but denieds it and also finds out that is Wang Hu Zhong's third blader.

Masamune still demands a battle but Chao Xin still won't accept until Dashan appears makes him battle. Gingka and Madoka learns about Chao Xin from Mei Mei and Chi-yun.

Tsubasa and Yu watch Masamune and Chao Xin battle on the Great Wall of China. Chao Xin's Virgo gets the upper the hand until Masamune uses his lightning sword flash but it a piece a wall to causing him to fall and Ray Striker losing its balance so he loses.

Back at the hotel Madoka receives another e-mail from the WBBA that is the line of order Wang Hu Zhong is Battling. August 4, AUS [ citation needed ] October 1, USA [5].

Masamune struggles to overcome his loss of Chao Xin during their last battle. In order to overcome this, he attempts to undergo training, while the rest of his team, wonder what he is doing.

As Masamune undergoes training, he launches Ray Striker into a pillar of rock. He is successfully able to break it into pieces but hears someone screaming.

He runs to see and then finds an elderly man who appears to be hurt. Masamune asks what is wrong with him, as the man replies his stomach is grumbling for food.

Masamune lets the man eat some food but eventually eats all of his food and his water. He later finds out his Ray Striker did not hurt the man, much to Masamune's dismay.

Meanwhile, Chao Xin is busy signing autographs for his many fangirls. His fangirls are very confident that Chao Xin will win in the first battle of the World Beyblade Championships.

Chao Xin has a flashback of his earlier battle and remembers how hard it was to defeat Masamune, but he remains confident.

Later, the man brings Manasmune to a bamboo forest. He tells him to crush a small leaf with his fists, which Masamune does. However, he does not crush through it, just pushes it away into the air, The man tells him he has to focus his strength into one point in order to crush through the leaf.

Masamune understands this and focus his power into one point to crush the leaf. The World Beyblade Championships have begun as Team Gan Gan Galaxy and Team Wang Hu Zhong take center stage.

The first battle will be between Masamune and Chao Xin. Masamune appears very confident despite losing to Chao Xin before. The two ready their Beyblades as they Let it Rip and battle.

Masamune's Ray Striker faces off between Chao Xin's Virgo. The Beys clash in an epic battle as they continue to hit each other. Soon enough however, Masamune learns that Chao Xin has customized his Virgo, into a Poison Virgo, making it even harder for Masamune to win the battle.

Despite this, Masamune fights back and eventually breaks off one blade off Poison Virgo. Chao Xin is shocked at this, and struggles to fight back, as his fangirls are very confused at how Chao Xin could let this occur.

Chao Xin takes off his jacket and starts to finally focus and concentrate in his battle. Despite Chao's best efforts, Poison Virgo is now unbalanced due to Ray Striker breaking one of the blades on the Poison Wheel and eventually loses, as Masamune has finally defeated Chao Xin in their rematch.

Despite the loss, Chao Xin's fangirls cheer on him as Chao Xin does not care if he lost, making Masamune angry since more people were cheering for Chao Xin, who lost, instead of him, but on the other hand, Team Gan Gan Galaxy cheer and hug Masamune on his win.

Masamune then gives his thanks to the elderly man for teaching him how to defeat Chao Xin. August 5, AUS [ citation needed ] October 8, USA.

While waiting for the second match Chi-yun practice and promises Da Shayan that he will win the match. Tsubasa worries about remaining calm and not losing control in the battle.

When the second begins Chi-yun asks Tsubasa what happened to Kyoya and tells him that if he doesn't fight as strong as he did in that battle he won't win.

They launch their beys and Chi-yun uses Iron Defense on Thermal Lacerta. When Tsubasa attacks prove to be avail he tries his special move but it gets countered.

Chi-yun Thermal Lacerta begins to go all out on Earth Eagle, use his special moves. When Earth Eagle begins to stop spinning, Tsubasa tries another move taunted by again by Chi-yun but it still doesn't work.

Chi-yun taunts start to make Tsubasa crazy. Then his dark side kicks in and Earth Eagle begins to smash Thermal Lactera into the stadium until it blasts itself out with Lactera barely spinning, making Chi-yun the winner.

Tsubasa collapses after the match. The rest of the team go check on him. August 8, AUS [ citation needed ] October 15, USA. As the finals of the World Beyblade Championships that will decide which Team: Gan Gan Galaxy or Wang Hu Zhong, will head to the second round of the Championships.

Gan Gan Galaxy rests before the battle while Tsubasa us nervous for what happened in the previous battle. His teammates however, assure him that everything is ok and are sure Gingka will get them to the second round.

For Wang Hu Zhong however, Chi-yun trains himself even harder despite winning in the previous match. Dashan's teammates are confident enough to know that Dashan will lead them to the second round.

As Gan Gan Galaxy walk to their match, they are confronted by Wang Hu Zhong and the Beyline Temple Bladers. They tell Gan Gan Galaxy that Dashan will for sure, win the battle as the tradition of the 4, Year-Old Beylin Temple goes.

Although this tempts Gingka, he is confident that he will win. The match begins as Gingka and Dashaun ready their Beyblades and Let it Rip.

Gingka tries to be careful this time, as he does not want to lose to Dashan like in their last battle. Gingka makes sure that Pegasus doesn't hit Zurafa too hard as Zurafa's R Spin Track will only absorb those hits.

Instead, Gingka uses small hits so the rubber will not absorb them. Dashan however, knows this will not do much and attacks Pegasus, launching with a Special Move.

It hits Pegasus so hard, it seems that Pegasus will have no chance to win and will take another loss. Gingka tries to make sure not to let this happen and strikes back, but to no avail.

In the heat of the battle, Gingka decides that he will have no chance to defeat Dashan and his confidence is broken. However, Gingka's friends; Kenta, Benkei, and Kyoya, encourage Gingka to not give up and this reawakens Gingka as he fights back.

In one final epic clash, Pegasus and Zurafa hit each other with so much power an explosion appears.

After the mist from it is cleared, it is shown that Zurafa has stopped spinning, giving Pegasus the win and thus, entry to the second round of the World Beyblade Championships.

Dashan, disappointed for losing the match knows he broke the 4, Year-Old Tradition of the Beylin Temple. His teammates however, tell him that even though he lost, he did not break the tradition and that the tradition is still going.

Gingka's teammates praise Gingka for winning the match and are glad that they are moving on to the second round.

Now, they will head to Russia, for the second match of the World Beyblade Championships. August 9, AUS [ citation needed ] October 22, USA.

After the match where GanGan Galaxy defeated Wang Hu Zhong and moved to the second round, Benkei is just about to board a plane.

After he says his goodbyes to all the friends he made, he boards the plane and heads for an unknown destination. Elsewhere, a young man is seen riding a horse on a rich estate.

He then rides the horse into a first-class helicopter and enters it. He then receives his Launcher and Beyblade. As Gan Gan Galaxy are on their plane heading to Arabia, to find out about Team Desert Blaze, Gingka remembers how before they boarded their flight, Dashan told Gingka that he must win the World Beyblade Championships, for the honour of the Beylin Temple.

Gingka assures this as Dashan tells him how the rest of Wang Hu Zhong are training in order to become more powerful. As the team arrives, they find out about Team Desert Blaze, the Arabic Representative Team.

They meet up with Desert Blaze and are amazed at how much power the Team holds. Being able to summon the Beasts and combine them in order to win a battle.

Desert Blaze find Gan Gan Galaxy and have a chat with them. The two Teams discuss their place in the World Championships and are very eager to face one another in an upcoming match.

Desert Blaze, which consists of Gasur, and two other Bladers are also eager to face them. The two teams make friends as Gan Gan Galaxy waits to see Desert Blaze's match against the EU Representative, Team Excalibur.

As Gan Gan Galaxy walks along a sidewalk, they find the young man earlier on from the episode, getting out of a limo, appearing to look very wealthy as he enters a building.

Gan Gan Galaxy are confused by this but decide to ignore it, knowing it will not have any importance. Finally, the match between Desert Blaze and Excalibur is about to begin.

Gasur and the others take stage as Excalibur does also. However, there is only one Blader from Excalibur, the young man, Julian Konzern. This shocks Gan Gan Galaxy, not expecting to see him here and surprised at how only one representative from the EU Team showed up.

Julian appears to be very confident, despite being in a 3 vs. Desert Blaze are confident they will win as Julian and Gasur ready their Beyblades for the first round and Let it Rip.

The battle goes off to a great start as Gasur seems very confident in his battle. However, when he attacks Julian's Bey, it does not seem to have any effect.

Madoka analyzes this and finds out something shocking, Julian's Bey, "Gravity Destroyer", has a very thick Fusion Wheel and a unique Energy Ring that serves as a "helmet" to the Fusion Wheel, which is why the attacks of Gasur do not affect Destroyer.

Julian then hears a mystic melody and cannot take it anymore, he soon tells the story of the hero, "Destroyer". A hero that slayed the evil Medusa by cutting off her head and using it against anyone.

Anyone who stared at Medusa's eyes turned to stone. Soon enough however, Destroyer switches from Defense Mode, to "Counter Mode" which feature red dots on the Fusion Wheel, meant to represent the "eyes" of Medusa.

As Destroyer closes in, Gasur's Bey is stopped and then hit out of the Stadium by Destroyer as it shocks the audience.

Gasur's teammates take the stage for round two as they take on Julian on 2 vs. Despite this, Destroyer suddenly spins to the left, shocking everyone, especially Gingka.

As Julian Konzern defeats Desert Blaze. Desert Blaze cannot believe they were defeated as Gingka is in total shock at this Destroyer, knowing it will be a very powerful Beyblade that he will face in the World Beyblade Championships.

August 10, AUS [ citation needed ] October 29, USA. Team Gan Gan Galaxy go on a train to the cold land of Russia where they will face the Russian team Lovushka.

They first meet them on the train and they decide to have a battle with each other. Madoka seems to have a crush on a scientist named Aleksei who unbenounced is the team leader of Lovushka shows the same interest with bey statistics.

Gingka and Masamune end up beating Nowaguma and Lera and Aleksei is defeated on purpose by Yu to conduct a bey analysis on the Team Gan Gan Galaxy's beys.

While this all happening Aleksei is secretly downloading data of the teams beys from Madoka's computer. After this Masmune goes to the other train car and decides to go back to sleep, but when he wakes up he ends up on a tropical resort and the rest of the team ends up at the arena.

The Cage Match" Transcription: " Souzetsu! Kanaami Desumacchi! August 11, AUS [ citation needed ] November 5, USA [6].

Anton looks at the stolen data from Madoka's computer. Gan Gan Galaxy haven't receive a message from the WBBA about Masamune as he walked the mountains.

Aleksei shows Gan Gan Galaxy the space shuttle that his team will go on if they win the tournament. The next round of the tournament is beginning and Masamune still hasn't come back yet Gingka will battle in the first round and Anton has found out by spying on them so he chose Nowaguma.

Masamune gets help from sky pilot. The battle between Gingka and Nowaguma will be a steel cage match. Gingka try to use his Starbooster Attack but can't because of the cage, so he tries again but Anton acvivates an electric field that stops Pegasus.

Rock Orso stops Galaxy Pegasus attacks and knocks it into the cage. Pegasus absorbs Orso power to break through the cage and use Starbooster Attack again sending Rock Orso into the cage defeating Nowaguma.

The sky pilot drops Masamune at the train station near Russia. August 12, AUS [ citation needed ] November 12, USA [6]. Masamune is still missing, so they have to make do with another member.

The gang all suggests Tsubasa goes except for Yu, who wants to battle. Tsubasa said that was fine, and soon Yu was facing Aleksei.

In the meantime, Masamune arrives and is looking for the team. He then runs into Anton, who is controlling the electromagnetic wave currents.

He then faces Anton and stops him. Yu then defeats Aleksei as well, before Masamune stopped the wave currents.

In the end, the Russian Team gets their wish after all to go into space. August 15, AUS [ citation needed ] November 19, USA [6].

Gingka along with his friends arrives in Greece to try to get into the Festival of Warriors, however, Madoka just wants to see the scenery so, as there is still time for the Festival to begin, they decide to visit the beach.

There, Masamune notices a girl standing on the edge of a high cliff and they try to save her, Madoka hears them running and shouting and follows them.

The girl then explains that she wants to become an archaeologist and is looking for ruins of a sunken Greek ship. She uses her Beyblade to successfully locate the ship by using it to move the water.

Later when they are eating at a restaurant, they discuss who that girl might be, and Yu comments that she could be one of the EU representatives.

Suddenly, they hear a commotion, and a Blader challenges another Blader called Wales, who is from England, to a Beybattle.

Wales accepts, and tells him that he shall give him three seconds of his time. The Beybattle lasts for only three seconds and Wales breaks the opponents Beyblade with one hit.

Gingka and co. Later, when they try to get into the Festival of Warriors, they are denied access because they are not EU Members.

Wales comes out, and the girl from earlier comes out afterwards and reveals her name to be Sophie. Later, Gingka and co. They then get into huge trouble and a few Bladers representing their countries challenge them for breaking in and lose.

Wales and Sophie then declare that they will battle them and Yu comments that he wants to battle as well and Julian comes out and says that he will battle against them, making it a three on three battle between Julian, Sophie and Wales, and Gingka, Masamune and Yu.

The EU Bladers then reveal their Beys and where they are from: Wales announces that he is representing England and has the Blue Grand Cetus, Sophie announces that she is representing France and has the White Grand Cetus, and Julian announces that he is the team leader and is representing Italy.

When the battle starts Wales and Sophie protect Gravity Destroyer. Yu then uses two of his Special Moves but Sophie stops them and defeats Yu with ease.

Sophie and Wales then use their Special Moves and then their Dual Special Move. During their Team Move, Masamune gets an idea and breaks through their tidal wave using his Special Move, giving Gingka the chance to attack Gravity Destroyer.

Gingka then attempts to use Starbooster attack, but him and Masamune both get defeated in the end by Julian's beast and the power of the combined attack.

But in the end Gingka, Masamune and Yu lose. Wang Hu Zhong" Transcription: " Saikai! August 16, AUS [ citation needed ] November 26, USA [6].

After their team lost to the EU team, Gingka, Masamune, Tsubasa and Yu decide to undergo intense teamwork training and decide to split into pairs.

Tsubasa says that to decide the pairs, they will do rock-paper-scissors, to which the others agree. Tsubasa then says the 2 winners will be on one team and the 2 losers on the other.

The first time is a tie. The second time is a tie. The third time is the same. After 7 ties Gingka says that that is useless.

Madoka then uses straws to decide the pairs, which are: Gingka and Yu and Tsubasa and Masamune. Their battle eventually turns into a free-for-all 4-way battle.

Hence they start getting on each other's nerves. This results in Madoka getting angry with them and says that the team is disbanded before storming off in fury.

They try to apologize by bringing her a drink and a fruit basket, but she shuts the door on them, still furious with them. Later Wang Hu Zhong appear from nowhere and Dashan says that he hasn't seen faces that long in a while.

Wang Hu Zhong then say they got into another tournament and that they are trying and get back into the World Championships as a wildcard.

Chao Xin then tries to calm Madoka down, first startling her upon when she thought it was Gingka and the others again trying to apologize, then forcing his way in to speak with her privately, and does so successfully, convincing her to restore the team and restart the training.

Wang Hu Zhong impress them by standing on top of each other on top of a ball on top of a rock in this order: Dashan, Chao Xin, Chi-yun and Mei-Mei.

Wang Hu Zhong train them by firstly tieing a white ribbon around Tsubasa and Yu's ankles, and Gingka and Masamune's ankle. They then finish the team training with tag team battles: Gingka and Masamune vs Dashan and Chao Xin; Tsubasa and Yu vs.

Chi-yun and Mei Mei. Gan Gan Galaxy them learn about teamwork. Then all 8 Special Moves are used and all 8 Beyblades are knocked out.

Though the guys make Madoka believe they are going to squabble again and infuriate her once more to the point of disbanding the team again, Mei-Mei asks Madoka if she knows who they are playing next.

Madoka then uses her computer to figure out who they are playing and says the winners of the match between Team Chandora and Team Wild Fang.

August 17, AUS [ citation needed ] December 3, USA [6]. Team Gan Gan Galaxy are relaxing together at a table, when Gingka asks Madoka to see who their next competitor will be.

Madoka pulls up the information on her computer and it seems like it'll be Team Wild Fang. Madoka pulls up the names of the team members, Gingka and the group are surprised that the Team Leader is Kyoya, The scene changes.

A lone cloaked figure, is traveling through a dry harsh landscape, dragging a coffin. He is stopped by a group of bladers who attempt to harass him.

The group is provoked by the cloaked figure's silence and kick open the coffin revealing that it is full of rocks.

The cloaked figure then jumps behind them and prepares to launch his bey, quickly defeating the group. The cloak's hood falls revealing that it is Kyoya.

The group runs away. Kyoya continues dragging the coffin full of rocks, to a city where they are holding a tournament for the African Beyblade Team.

The competing bladers are divided into three color groups and must battle in a battle royale style competition in order to earn a spot on the team.

Competing Bladers, Demure and Marcus are competing in the same battle while Marcus's other friends are competing in different groups.

As they prepare to launch their Beys, Marcus intentionally knocks into Demure, messing up his launch. Meanwhile, Kyoya is quickly clearing away the competitors.

The remaining Bladers team up against Kyoya. Kyoya launches his special move, King Lion Tearing Blast and the remaining Beys are swept up in the tornadoes and out of the stadium eliminated.

Kyoya is announced the winner. Nile impressed with Kyoya, anxiously competes in his battle to be part of the team.

He goes on the offensive, eliminating his competitors. In the final round, Marcus manages to win his division. They are all presented with their bracelets.

However, the three learn that the competition is not over. It is announced that they must battle to keep the bracelets for 24 hours.

At the end of the 24 hours, the blader in possession of the bracelet will be on the team.

Ein Hund namens Hokuto True Detective Serien Stream ihnen, dass Gingka auf den Fuji gestiegen ist, um seine Kraft zu verbessern. Im ersten Kampf stehen sich Dione Warwick und Chaoxin gegenüber. Der teuflische Forscher Dr. August 06 Auf in die Welt Masamune keeps coming back after running after his The Brothers Grimsby Online several Zielfahnder, but unexpected explosions happen every time. Gingka attempts to strike Ray Gasher but Selen's bey keeps dodging his attacks. Damian uses his second special move, Hades Gate, and it pulls Gingka and Pegasus Jan Peters the gate. Coach Steel tells Masamune that Zeo has moved him to a hospital but doesn't know where. Archived from the original on October 2,
Beyblade Metal Masters

Beyblade Metal Masters, der Youtube Hörbuch Komplett Thriller. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Den ersten Kampf bestreiten Nile und Masamune. After defeating Ryuga and his dark Bey L-Drago, Gingka is crowned the winner of the Battle Bladers Championship. When news gets out, other bladers from around the world want their chance at. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Gingka Hagane und seinen Freunde treten mit ihren Beyblades gegen die finsteren `Dark Nebula' an. von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "beyblade metal masters". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien​. Beyblade: Metal Masters ist die fünfte Staffel von Beyblade. Sie wurde in Deutschland zuerst im. Hier sind alle Folgen von Beyblade: Metal Masters aufgelistet. Main page Contents Current Iwan Rheon Interview Random article About Wikipedia Contact us Donate. Empty Metal 83m Movie. Your name. Jack Reacher Tom Cruise disagrees, and Ryuga smiles as he tells Julian they will decide that later. Meanwhile, Julian plays a piano at a concert. Tsubasa collapses after the match. Both Members walk up to the arena but wait! In the end though the match was a tie, leaving Tsubasa to decide the final battle. Masamune and Dashan sends Striker and Zurafa to attack Ray Gil, but it goes through a Status Update Film Deutsch and attacks both through another window. Then all 8 Special Moves are used and all 8 Beyblades are knocked out. He then receives his Launcher and Beyblade. Jack uses his special move, Befall The Ripper, but Meteo L-Drago dodges the attacks until Ryuga stops it and gets hit. Masamune and the others Beyblade Metal Masters back to Dungeon Gym and are then asked to battle La Couleur Des Sentiments Streaming several bladers. After the battle, Dr. Kyoya continues dragging the coffin full of rocks, to a city where they are holding a tournament for the African Beyblade Team.

Youtube Hörbuch Komplett Thriller der ins Stocken geratene Feldzug gert immer mehr zu einem Desaster. - Sie befinden sich hier

Dieser fordert Julien auf einen Best of 3 Kampf heraus, den er annimmt.


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